Since 1978, Nuova Picafond has been pursuing the goal of excelling in hot forging and other mechanical brass processes, as well as providing customized components in accordance with clients' specifications. Each working process scrupulously meets strict quality controls and complies with any certification, thus ensuring product reliability in fulfilling of customers' expectations. Sectorial components encompass automobile elements, agricultural and medical parts as well as items for high-pressure cleaning machines, welding & cutting machines, gas, fluid control, mounting joints, valves parts and fittings.


Nuova Picafond's state-of-the-art R&D Department serves and helps customers to design and produce customized products and other special requests.


Since 1978 Nuova Picafond's expertise in the hot-forging brass process has earned it a reputation as one of the most reliable & respected companies.


Stringent checks of working processes are systematically carried out to ensure the highest quality products always.


Excellence is Nuova Picafond's slogan. Each manufacturing process is crossed-checked, monitored, traceable, recorded and filed for future verification.

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